Unique Innovations & Designs, Inc.

Committed to Quality, Professionalism and Honesty

Unique Innovations & Designs, Inc. was established in 2002 by Audrius Latakas (Andrew), with the goal of offering builders and home remodeling companies a professional, efficient alternative for completing finish carpentry needs while allowing the contractor to concentrate on other phases of construction.

With an experience and trust we gained from people we decided to expand our range of service. Since 2005 we are offering services from as simple as home repair to a high end full house remodeling or any type of interior or exterior renovations.

We understand the importance of maintaining the solid reputation that our company has earned over these several years. Unique Innovations & Designs, Inc. strives to develop long lasting relationships with custom home builders and home owners. Our company can meet all interior and exterior labor needs from “base and casing production homes” to “high-end custom projects”. With a team of professionals You can be assured of complete satisfaction and the security of knowing that your project is backed by a company committed to quality and service. The entire process, we are in constant communication with you, your subcontractors, designer and architect to ensure that everything is done correct. One of our goals is to maintain the jobsite clean as possible at every stage of remodeling project, respecting every customer’s wish and privacy.

We have refined a process that has helped us ensure Your project is successful. To earn our acknowledgment we’ve done a number of things very well:

  • Providing Builders and Home Owners with the highest quality, most efficient and cost effective method of completing any home remodeling project.
  • Designing and building custom cabinets, entertainment centers, libraries etc.
  • Creatively solving clients’ needs and desires, while considering the home’s circulation, natural lighting and views.
  • Working within a realistic budget.
  • Building projects on time.
  • Communicating with Builders and Homeowners.

Let Unique Innovations and Designs, Inc. convert Your house into a Home.

Unique Innovations & Designs, Inc. is fully insured.

Unique Innovations & Designs, Inc
1932 Town Dr.
Naperville, IL 60565
Phone: 630.915.5541
Fax: 630.839.2770
Owner Andrew Latakas